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E+Green Home Is A Self-Contained Design

E + Green Home Is A Self-Contained Design

From the architectural and design team at Unsangdong Architects in collaboration with the Kolon Institute of Technology, the E + Green Home is an impressive model with ultramodern green architecture and smart energy resources. It is a prototype that was developed a few years ago with an emphasis on environmentally responsible construction, and it was intended to be a design for future developments. From the architects: “The aim of E + Green Home is to suggest three e+ concepts; 1. Energy+, sustainable Energy Plus integrated with green technologies, 2. Eco+, environmental friendly housing, 3. Emotion +, housing which stimulates customer’s design emotion.” Powered with… read more

Sustainable Buildings

Chengdu city prototype

Green Architecture has become the new fad in modern construction. Simply installing eco-friendly outlet plugs and energy filters isn’t enough anymore. Nowadays, expect to see solar panels, wind turbines, natural/recyclable building materials, and more coming to a neighborhood near you. One of the more well-known proponents for a natural architecture revolution is a company called Earthship Biotecture. They offer a wide range of residences, from single individual and large family size, to commercial structure and disaster management projects. Most of their developments are in rural and desert areas, but they hope to expand their reach to more populated communities soon…. read more