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What If Everyone Jumped At Once?


What kind of environmental impact might we experience if everyone on the planet jumped at the same time? Would there be massive earthquakes causing untold destruction? Would the planet move away from us? Would we bring about the apocalypse? It’s probably not a question that runs through your mind on a daily basis, but lucky enough, Vsauce has the answer. Check it: The question itself is rather silly, but the physics and the science behind it help us understand a great many things about the Earth, including how it interacts with gravity, friction, and cosmic bombardments in the form of… read more

Using Trains and Gravity for Energy Storage


Grid scale energy systems, especially those with renewable energy inputs, need storage. They need better and cleaner and more efficient storage solutions, and one company believes the answer lies in electric trains and gravity. The most common way to store energy on a grid scale is through using “pumped” hydropower, where the off-peak energy is stored as water pumped to a higher elevation, which can then be released to produce electricity as gravity pulls it down to a lower elevation again. Pumped hydro is effective, but it has a number of drawbacks, mostly in the difficulty of finding the right… read more