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Grass Roof Looks Good and Reduces Bills

School With Green Roof and Biomass Power Plant

The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut in the US has cut a six-figure sum from its winter energy bill by replacing its outdated oil-burning boiler with woodchip biomass ones. Designed by Centerbrook Architects, the undulated green roofed building is situated at the bottom of a sloping landscape, blending beautifully with their own surrounding farm, golf course and marshes. As well as being a great insulator and attracting plenty of wildlife, the luscious green roof structure collects and filters rainwater that is used for the garden and flushing the toilets. Under its undulating top, a massive Biomass Power Plant produces clean energy… read more

Literally Green Furniture That Will Grow On You

Literally Green Furniture That Will Grow On You

Interesting eco-friendly furniture designs can be found in many unique forms and comprised of many different materials. The following however, require some unusual upkeep for furniture – sunlight. A project from Tim Gaudreau Studios aptly entitled Green Furniture was started as a way to inspire people to get back to the natural world that grew into a seating concept for outdoor areas. Looking for a sustainable approach to furniture manufacturing, he decided to take things into his own hands and cultivated outside seating surfaces that were agriculturally derivative. Covered entirely in grass, the designer stated that in the mainstream the… read more

Green Roofs of Norway

Green roofs of Norway

Time and again we see pictures surfacing on the web of these adorable green roof topped house with a mesmerizing scenery that are located in Norway. It is probably true that many people just assume it is some type of green technology, pin it, and move on with their day.  This is actually not a modern invention.  Norwegians have been planting greenery atop their roofs for hundreds of years.  During the time of Vikings or the Middle Ages, majority of the houses had sod roofs.  This allowed for more warmth in the home rather than some of the modern materials… read more