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Build A Backyard Grape Arbor

Build A Backyard Grape Arbor

Consuming grapes has several health benefits as they are high in many essential nutrients. Rich in manganese, they are potent antioxidants and have proven cardiovascular system benefits. Organically grown grapes, unlike conventional varieties, do not have the extra worry of contaminated soil and water runoff from pesticide residuals. Installing a grape arbor in the backyard can be done on a budget. With a little research, planning and building a main structural support system, establishing a successful start for a grapevine is a project that will pay off. Garden Guides has ideas for basic construction materials to use for a grape trellis. A… read more

Eco friendly wine

Green wine

Green wine doesn’t exactly sound very palatable to the average oenophile; however its popularity has grown rapidly around the world. There are many types of ‘Green Wine’ and unless you live in Portugal and are au fait with Vinho Verde (literally green wine) which translates as “young wine” with slight pétillance, ‘green wine’ means that it is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. There are organic wines, biodynamic wines and organically grown grapes. All labelled under the umbrella of ‘green’, yet their meanings are very different. Biodynamic wineries are fast taking a strong hold on viticulture (the science, production and… read more