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Cleaning Up The Town With Reverse Graffiti Art

Cleaning Up The Town With Reverse Graffiti Art

Reverse graffiti, sometimes called green graffiti, is an interesting spin on public artwork displays. Street graffiti is known for making a lasting impression, until it is covered up or painted over. Reverse graffiti makes profound statements also, but the only way to rid a space of the marks of a green graffiti artist is to make it cleaner. Without the use of sprays, harsh chemicals or pollutants, reverse graffiti artists work with dirty surfaces as a medium and use tools like fingers, brushes, rags, stencils and even power washers to make impressions on the less than clean street canvases. Targets… read more

Green Guerrilla in London: Moss Graffiti

Green Guerilla in London: Moss Grafitti by Anna Garforth

Eco-minded UK street artist Anna Garforth is putting a new spin on green guerrilla tactics. A multi-skilled creator, she enjoys experimenting with all kinds of materials including cardboard, paper and even bread. But what we especially love is her luscious moss graffiti. Poetic and eco-friendly, her most intimate expressions on walls can be spotted around the streets of London, where she currently lives, but also as far as Germany and Hong Kong. One of Garforth’s main artworks is “Grow”, a self-initiated project that popped up one day in the streets of the British capital. The green graffiti spelled the project’s name… read more