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Google’s Other Half


Since their inception, Google has made prolific attempts to achieve “…universal distribution and accessibility of information to keep citizens equally informed..” Doing so with a variety of projects that have splintered off into sister sites like Google Earth and Google Green. Thus, it may be faulty to assume the existence of an other half, so much as a complimentary limb, however, with the creation of Google.org, Google has spawned a partner site that takes the company’s goal to a new philanthropic level. In their own words, Google.org is an organization that, “…develops technologies to help address global challenges and supports… read more

Google Commits to 10 Years of Wind Power for Finnish Data Center

Wind farm

In another move toward renewable energy in its operations, Google is going to use the electricity produced from a planned 72MW wind farm in Sweden to power its data center in Finland for the next ten years. A project to develop the new wind farm, consisting of 3MW turbines, at a site in northern Sweden has just met with planning approval, and thanks to Google’s recent agreement to buy the entire output of the farm for the next 10 years, has secured all the financing necessary for construction. The wind farm is being developed by O2, and will be owned… read more

Google Search Serves Up Food Nutrition Info in Results


For those seeking to change their eating habits, or help with sticking to a diet, or are cooking for someone with specific nutritional requirements, the world’s most loved search engine just made it a whole lot easier. Google Search has put the nutritional information for over 1000 common foods right into its search results page, so all you need to do is “Google” the food you want information for, and the nutrition info comes up next to the usual search results. That’s one less click and much less time spent searching the results page for what you want, which could… read more

Google Acquires High-Altitude Wind Energy Company


The ideas that seem the most “out there” in terms of practicality are many times the ones that end up disrupting an industry or market, and if a certain tech giant’s recent investment is any indication, airborne wind power is an up and coming industry. Soon after the first fully autonomous flight of their airborne kite power prototype, Makani Power was acquired by Google, which may give a huge boost to wind energy technology and eventually help to drive the costs of wind energy down to compete with fossil fuels. Makani Power spend just over a year building out their… read more

Google Features Nature’s Engineers for Earth Day


The world’s most famous tech company isn’t just appreciative of human engineers, and in honor of Earth Day, Google has a new feature that focuses on the engineers found in nature. Google Green already has a number of ways to use their products and technology to go green, but their focus on Nature’s Engineers acknowledges that we can learn a lot from nature: “This Earth Day, we’re celebrating something close to our hearts, engineers. Whether it’s a towering aspen or a tiny mushroom, nature has plenty to teach us. We’re taking a look at six of our favorite outdoor innovators… read more

Google Glass

Google's Glass

Google, the massive search engine company, smartphone operating system creator, and laptop maker, unveiled their newest plans to take over the world during the Google I/O event last year. It was called “Project Glass”, and recently we’ve been given a glimpse into the proposed uses of Glass. Basically, Project Glass consisted of a thin and lightweight pair of clear glasses with a computer built into them. The device would tether to a smartphone via Bluetooth connection, and stream your text messages, phone calls, pictures and videos, etc to your eyes. It’s called “Augmented Reality”, and it’s going to be the… read more

Tablet vs Computer

A tech debate for the ages.

There are many great arguments supporting the purchase of a tablet to cover all your computing needs. Likewise, one could be convinced that owning a PC is the be-all-and-end-all of technological devices. Nonetheless, as a tech enthusiast and owner of multiple gadgets, I would like to go into further detail the importance of utilizing both. First off, we will analyze the Pros and Cons of these machines. Tablet Pros: Portable Lightweight Long battery life Touchscreen Apps Front & Rear camera Multitasking machine Fast HDMI (most new tablets) USB Hub Tablet Cons: Smaller screen Limited computing ability Easier to break (i.e…. read more

Google’s Glasses

Google Glasses

Imagine a world where the internet is accessible everywhere you go. Not just on smartphones, tablets and computers, but right in front of you 24/7. That’s a vision presented by Google Inc.’s research team. Their plan to revolutionize global connectivity begins with a gadget they’ve titled Project Glass. In essence, this device is a pair of lightweight spectacles that connects wirelessly via bluetooth to your phone or tablet. Similar to the HUD(Heads Up Display) that Air Force pilots utilize in their helmet visors, these augmented reality glasses will display information straight from your phone to an area in front of… read more