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Share Your Harvest

Excess crops to share

Unstable access to food should not be blamed on a lack of resources, but rather the lack of their distribution. Every day, over 50 million Americans live with food insecurity, relying on food pantries as their main supplier of nutrition. Sustained largely by donations of canned and packaged goods, food pantries (also known as “food cupboards” or “food shelves”) are rarely able to offer visitors fresh produce. In addition, the food banks that supply the pantries have less frequent delivery dates than a grocery store would, making a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables impossible. Meanwhile, over 40 million… read more

Finding Good Food


We all have to eat, so how do you find the best food? With endless items on the shelves and numerous grocery store chains, how do you even begin to find out where your food really comes from? Though strolling through farmer’s markets and dining at local eateries sounds great, it doesn’t always fit into a busy day. Often, we have to grab and go. There are still a few ways to take charge of your available options and find good food. If you are the designated shopper or are on the move a lot, you may want to look… read more