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These Five Foods Don’t Have A Shelf Life


In our modern times of artificial preservation, these five natural foods defy the space-time continuum and keep unspoiled through the ages. Honey Discovered in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pyramids were found pots of honey, all of them several thousand years old but still edible today. The honey had been covered securely in their pots, which definitely played a contributing factor in its seemingly eternal shelf life. Since honey is a sugar, its chemical properties allow it to suck up moisture in the most dry of areas, where organisms that could spoil the honey would not be able to survive… read more

How To Be An Eco-Friendly Homeowner


Thinking of remodeling your home? Would you like to save money, limit your environmental impact, and give your house an awesome “cool factor”? Look no further than this video by Howdini Guru. You’ll learn all you need to about going green for your home remodel project. What did you think? Was that new info? Old info? Let us know in the comments below!