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Talk It. Live It. Love It…Please

Is this sustainable Development??

Enough of the talk already. Isn’t it time to do something? Or maybe it’s time to rethink what we say so we can talk differently about what we need to do. Jeez…more talk, is that what this is about? Or maybe it’s about the right talk, meaningful talk, the kind of talk that actually leads to change? For more than thirty years our international leaders have been talking their way into supposedly global agreements on the need for action. Across the world, various models of sustainable development have been proposed as the panacea to our ills. Some twenty-five years ago,… read more

Open Their Eyes

multicultural children

Children love to learn about other cultures and experience new concepts. When they learn about other parts of the globe, it expands their mental palette and invites learning and awareness about the world around them. Multicultural literature is a great way to enhance children’s knowledge about the earth and those that inhabit it. A 2008 study noted the significance of international education in a globally linked society (Crawford & Kirby). The need for global awareness is necessary for fostering a consciousness of worldwide citizenship. Kids often naturally identify with others and when they learn about them, empathy and world appreciation further… read more