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Old Meets New

Old Meets New

Sometimes a renovation can include obvious additions that may stand out, or may even overrun the original character of a home. Villa CP from Zest Architecture is a restoration project that shows how to seamlessly blend old with new. The updated historical farmhouse building nestled in a gorgeous lot in Girona, Spain is laid back, sustainable and high on style. The stone structure is rugged and rough, but also refined and refreshingly modern. Construction plans kept the old design but gave the home a solidly modern look. It was opened up to eliminate a closed in feel, including the addition… read more

The Many Uses of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy has been used as a power source for thousands of years. Using the earth’s internal heat as energy provides an efficient and reliable source. In cold months, air in the ground is warmer than the air outside so it can be pumped into areas that need heated up. In warmer months, indoor air can be forced back into the earth’s interior to cool down spaces. It is a low impact form of energy because it does not cause as much disruption to the environment as other means of non-renewable energy, like those that require excessive drilling. It may be… read more