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On The Menu: Genetically Modified Organisms


66% of those who participated in a poll in the U.S. showed a preference for manufacturer’s food labels to reveal what products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Since over 90% of U.S. corn crops are genetically modified, it is no wonder more insightful consumers are in support of transparent food labeling. Genetically modified foods are among us and have been for some time, and you might not even know you are ingesting the experimental fares. In primary school you may have learned that by putting a seed in a cup, providing good dirt, water and sunlight you would soon have… read more

This Test Can Identify GMO’s In Food

This Test Can Identify GMO’s In Food

Growing concerns over genetically modified foods have many consumers on the lookout for more information. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs’) may be added to some foods to increase their beneficial properties. For instance, to boost nutrient levels or to make crops less susceptible to insects. Many in the food industry adhere to current labeling guidelines, accurately stating the contents in their products and whether or not they are GMO free. However, both consumers and regulatory expectations are demanding more detailed information to be inclusive of all food products. Researchers have zoned in on this concern, and have actually developed an interesting… read more