New GE Wind Turbine Integrates Battery Storage

GE 2-5 120 wind turbine

One of the challenges for wind farm operators and power producers is taking the fluctuating nature of the wind and turning into a smooth and predictable flow of electricity, and a new wind turbine that integrates short-term battery storage into the system aims to help overcome that challenge. The new wind turbine package from GE, the 2.5-120, uses the company’s Durathon Battery technology, along with three software applications, as an “intelligent system” that can enable better decision-making and allow for more predictable short-term power production. According to GE, this system is the “first wind turbine to incorporate short-term battery storage… read more

GE Successfully Tests High-Temperature Superconducting Generator


In the future, power from wind and water could be produced with much smaller, much lighter, and more efficient generators, thanks to advancements in superconducting technology. GE’s Power Conversion facility in Rugby, England, just completed successful trials for its Hydrogenie generator, which is highly efficient in power production, yet with significantly less size and mass than conventional versions. The Hydrogenie uses a superconducting layer instead of copper wire in the rotor windings, which enables the use of wires only about 2% of the size of those in conventional generators. The generator operates at a temperature of -230°C, using a system… read more