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Make Your Ride More Energy Efficient

Make Your Ride More Energy Efficient

We don’t always get to drive the vehicle of our choice, like being able to purchase a more environmentally-minded, efficient model. There are simple ways to improve how you drive the one that you do have in order to save fuel. In addition to some of the basics, like keeping tires at proper inflation levels, not carrying around excess weight, making sure the gas cap is tight and using the correct gas and oil for your vehicle type, other not so prevalent tips may help, too. For instance, don’t overfill the gas tank at the station. Leaving room in the tank… read more

Small Victories

Oil and natural gas drilling

The first week into January, Colorado became the first state to require energy companies to do groundwater sampling both before and after they drill for oil and/or natural gas. Colorado oil and natural gas regulators made the decision to approve the measure. The sampling is meant to show whether supplies of drinking water have been affected by energy development, and unless the methods to extract oil and natural gas undergo a drastic change, it can be assumed the post-drill testing will show the true impact of oil and gas extraction. Further, the new sampling regulations don’t appear to have pleased… read more

Short Term Thinking?Part 1


The availability of jobs in states where oil is booming is luring many high school graduates into the industry instead of pursuing a 4-year degree at a college or university, or even a 2-year degree at a technical school. It is understandable why high school graduates are taking the jobs while they can: nationwide unemployment among young adults is at more than 12 percent, college tuition is soaring (due to a multitude of reasons), and jobs in the oil and gas drilling industry can start at $50,000 a year. Instead of spending an extraordinary amount pursuing higher education and a… read more

U.S. Oil Independence

US oil independence

The U.S. will rid itself of the long-standing dependence on Saudi Arabian oil within the next decade by increasing domestic oil and gas production, but there is the inherent risk, and rising likelihood, of worsening global warming. In a report released on Monday, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said the United States will benefit from “unconventional” sources of oil and gas, including shale gas and oil, derived from blasting rocks apart to release the fossil fuels trapped within, i.e. fracking. Hydraulic fracturing has been linked to increases in seismic activity, but it has been difficult for geologists and seismologists to… read more

Be Fuel Efficient

Saving fuel when driving

There are many common mistakes drivers make that use excess gas. Speeding up too fast, driving too slow, and using the brakes too often are present practices on the road. They may seem like small actions at the time but correcting them can significantly reduce the amount of gas that is wasted. To start, if you are waiting in a car for over one minute, it is best to turn the car off until you begin driving again. It is also best to avoid a series of short trips. If your destinations are within walking distance of one another, by all means get… read more