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White Interiors Accommodate Thrifty Designs

White Interiors Accommodate Thrifty Designs

White is a neutral shade that allows a lot of room for playing around with the look of a space. White is a also a good selection for doing an interior on a budget. A white space can be inexpensively decorated, as it is easy to work in items you already own or to bring in thrift shop or garage sale finds. Plain white can appear bland or even seem sterile, but if it is done right, white can be crisp and elegant. Many different interior styles can easily be worked around a white room, whether that is adding more… read more

How To Hold A Green Tag Sale

Green Tag Sale

When what has been accumulated over the years is no longer needed, consider having a tag sale. Cleaning up living and work spaces lends to less clutter and more organization, and offering still usable items at inexpensive prices is a great way to reuse. Yard sales are popular when the weather begins to warm up and though they can initially be some work to set up, they are helpful for getting rid of stuff and passing it on for use elsewhere. Attention to a few details can help in hosting a green tag sale. Instead of commercial paper advertisements which… read more