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Google Preparing Big Plans For The Future


The “Do No Evil” company has been on a record buying spree these past few months, purchasing billions of dollars worth of companies, startups, patents, and more, which is causing quite a few head-scratches in Silicon Valley. Perhaps the biggest indicator of how Google plans on moving forward in the near future was the hiring of futurist Ray Kurzweil last year, which made him their new Director of Engineering. Kurzweil has been one of the biggest propagators of “The Singularity” — a moment in the future when humanity and technology merge in one fashion or another, irreversibly changing our way… read more

Digital Medicine Of The Future


We take medications for a variety of reasons — Doctor prescribed pills for diseases, illness, headaches, etc. Sometimes we don’t always follow the instructions, which can lead to further complications, or the illness not being treated properly. This in turn causes headaches for medical professionals, but puts more money into the pockets of pharma companies after you purchase even more meds to cure the illness. Some companies are working on digital pills that will send data back to your doctor with information such as how you’ve been using the medicine, how often you take it, how it’s working in your… read more

Google’s Ray Kurzweil Predicts The Future


Ray Kurzweil, Google’s new technology guru, has been a “prophet”, if you will, of tech trends for the past 30 years. He correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the importance of the internet in everyday use, the day when computers would outsmart humans, and much more. Last year, Google appointed him to be their Director of Engineering, and basically gave him free reign to create whatever magical devices his super brain thought up. Recently, he shared some of his future predictions with the world, along with a tentative timeline of when he thought we’d see them start happening…. read more

3-D Printed Prosthetic Limbs


It almost seems like something you’d expect to see in “iRobot”, but 3-D printed limbs have finally made the jump from big-screen-fantasy to real life functionality. Bespoke Innovations, a boutique design firm in San Francisco, makes top-of-the-line prosthetic limbs using 3-D printing technology. Their process is simple, yet innovative in a market dominated by large one-size-fits-all firms. Scott Summit, the company’s founder, is an Industrial Designer and Orthopedic Surgeon himself, and sought to bring a human element to the image of cold, dead prosthetics. Here are just a few of his creations:     Bespoke uses a variety of build… read more

The Gates Foundation Wants Your Big Idea


Ever since Bill Gates and his wife Melinda founded the Gates Foundation, it’s been a beacon of hope, innovation, and charity for thousands across the world. A few years ago, they came up with the ‘Grand Challenges’ competition, which is essentially a soap-box platform for big thinkers. Each year, the foundation selects a few visionaries to receive a $100,000 grant to start their initiative. If their plan is successful, they can potentially receive another $1,000,000 grant later down the road. All are welcome to submit ideas covering a wide range of topics, such as healthcare, technology, energy, and more. Take… read more

This badminton bot helps pioneer energy-efficiency


Researchers at Flander’s Mechatronics Technology Centre in Belgium have created the ultimate man-vs-robot simulation: a badminton-playing bot that kicks butt. While the robot was designed to play badminton, it actually has a much more important purpose, namely, acting as a guinea pig for software that will make robots more energy efficient. Take a look:

The Weird World Of Cryonics


Not to be confused with ‘cryogenics’, which is the study of anything cold, cryonics is the scientific equivalent to what Han Solo went through when he was frozen in carbonite. The popular thing today among the uber wealthy and crazy DIYers, is being frozen in a mixture of chemicals with the expectation of being “re-animated” sometime in the far future. Immortality is an elusive dream, but that doesn’t stop many would-be pioneers from trying, most notably Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. So what would some of the benefits of cryonics look like, provided it actually turns out to be… read more

Why All Big Cities Need A Green Push


Smog. What is it good for? Well, absolutely nothing. It is the bane of city drivers worldwide, and it’s not going away without a fight. Change is always hard to swallow, as are hard truths. Without a push from city-dwellers to compel lawmakers to restrict pollution levels in factories, cars, and boats, that haze you find yourself driving through on July mornings is here to stay. Los Angeles, New York City, Cleveland, and San Francisco are some of the United States’ worst offenders (notice that sunny California is listed twice. This shouldn’t surprise you). Los Angeles specifically has a terrible metro system…. read more

Watch These Fascinating Perpetual Motion Machines


Perpetual Motion is a pipe dream. So far, we’ve had zero success creating machines capable of putting out more energy than they take in, and what’s even worse is that science tells us perpetual motion would probably break the 1st or 2nd law of thermodynamics. So what is perpetual motion, exactly? In laymen’s terms, it’s an energy source that never stops putting out energy. Imagine a windmill that never stops spinning, even if the wind isn’t blowing, or a train on a loop that never, ever stops moving. Gravity, friction, and inertia have prevented science from creating a workable perpetual… read more

The World’s First Awesome Trash Incinerator


Denmark. Home of beautiful landscapes, freezing temperatures, awesome people, and now the world’s most awesome trash incinerator. Going way above and beyond the call of duty, they’re creating an incinerator complete with an epic light show, a ski slope, futuristic-aesthetics, and lasers that will project a pie chart of the plant’s fossil-fuel quota into the night sky. Architecture firms of the world, take note–this is how you build things.  In a design that makes certain that no square footage will go to waste while simultaneously making the world of ecology fun and hip again, this is likely to take the… read more