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The Downsides of Technology


Since the turn of the 21st century, new technology has changed life for us all. Historically, there have been many eras of technological advancement, however, this article will discuss only the most recent of such enlightenments; the“Dot Com Boom”. Smartphones, tablets, internet shopping, and more emerged around Y2K, and in the present day, we’ve been touched by these technologies in ways we never imagined 20 years ago. This begs the question; are we truly better off with this advanced technology? Before you misunderstand my point, know that I’m the last person to tell you that the Amish are living a… read more

Scientists Can 3-D Print You A New Body Part


Prosthetic limbs have long been a part of society, dating back to the Egyptian times, traveling through to fictional Captain Ahab and his notorious peg leg, and now to the modern day world. However, yesterday’s scary-looking body part is tomorrow’s 3-D printed miracle. There are a wide variety of items you can print using a 3-D printer, and we can now add “body parts” to the list. Here are a few limbs we can create in a lab and attach to anybody who needs it. Ears It’s an absolute tragedy when somebody loses an ear, or is born with a… read more

Artists Envision Human-Algae Symbiosis

Artists Envision Human-Algae Symbiosis

In the future, humans may be able to enter into a personal symbiotic relationship with algae by using “new bodily organs” that can host living algae systems. Our booming population and dwindling water and soil resources may cause us to explore extremely different approaches to food, and the design duo of Michiko Nitta and Michael Burton proposes that one answer may lie in the construction of new organs for the body, perhaps containing a culture of algae that we both feed and eat. “Algaculture designs a new symbiotic relationship between humans and algae. It proposes a future where humans will… read more

The Gun That Creates Living Tissue


For years, scientists have been able to graft skin tissue to cover up burns, lesions, etc. What they haven’t been able to do, however, is properly grow new skin cells over burnt ones. Behold, the Star Trek-esque future we’re about to enter. A researcher has successfully created a “skin gun” that takes healthy skin cells and grows new skin over dead/burnt tissue. Over a dozen patients so far have successfully been treated by the “gun”, and clinical tests are underway to make this treatment available worldwide. Check out the awesome video below to see the gun in practice. Have a thought?… read more

A 3-D Printed Rocket Engine From NASA


The magicians over at NASA have worked their secret magics in their secretive labs again, and created a 3-D printed rocket engine–and it actually works. It’s not really secret, nor is it magic, but it might as well be. The process behind ecological 3-D printing is absolutely incredible, and will one day bring us printed houses, printed jets, and even printed food. Right now, however, we’ll stick with on-demand jet engines. At the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, researchers used laser-melting tools to heat metallic powders and fuse them into shape. Though the entire crafting process took four months,… read more

Volvo’s Self-Parking Car Concept


In the future, even if we don’t have our own self-driving cars, perhaps we’ll all be having our cars at least park themselves, if this new concept from Volvo is any indication. The Volvo concept car can not only find its own parking space, but can pull into it all by itself, with no driver inside. According to Volvo, the car with the Autonomous Parking feature in it can interact safely with pedestrians and other cars, ensuring that the parking process is safe and simple. “Autonomous Parking is a concept technology that relieves the driver of the time-consuming task of… read more

This 3D Printer is Controlled by Thought

This 3D Printer is Controlled by Thought

With the recent advances in 3D printing, it’s now possible to own a small desktop model capable of building parts or printing prototypes, which seems like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. But now another development is taking the technology even further, with a 3D printer than can be controlled by your mind. 3D printing is an amazing resource, but it’s not enough to just own a unit, because you also need to know how use it, and this invention could be a shortcut to 3D printing mastery, even for kids. “What is the point of these printers if… read more

Cyborg Cockroaches Could Assist First Responders


Future first responders may get a helping hand from remote-controlled cyborg cockroaches, which could be sent in to disaster sites to gather data and map the area before human rescuers enter the site. Combining video game technology with cockroach biology, researchers at North Carolina State University have been able to remotely steer the insects through a controlled environment, using Kinect tracking technology. “The researchers have incorporated Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect system into an electronic interface developed at NC State that can remotely control cockroaches. The researchers plug in a digitally plotted path for the roach, and use Kinect to identify and… read more

Famous Scientists On The Environment


We’ve written about famed entrepreneurs who do their part for the environment, and now it’s time to look towards the intellectual world for solutions on our planet’s many problems. From climate change, to space travel, to farming, and even the singularity, these brilliant minds share their ideas on how to save us from ourselves. Ray Kurzweil: The famed thinker recently gave an interview with The Futurist, and shared his thoughts on several issues, one of which was the problem of declining fossil fuels. Kurzweil believes that we need to look to nanotechnology for the solution. It’s a low-cost alternative to… read more

Spray-On Clothing: The Future Of Fabric


Spray sunblock, spray tans, and mosquito spray; these are just a few of the summer items we’ve grown accustomed to. Get ready to add spray-on clothing to that list, as it’s soon to become a reality. It might sound like something from a Hollywood movie, though much of the next-generation technology we’ve seen recently appears to have been created as a direct result of science fiction’s imagination. Spray-on clothing is just another one of those things you’ll eventually say, “Well, of course they invented spray-on clothing! Duh!” The first inkling of this tech was reported a few years ago, when… read more