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A Chair Made from the Elements

"Soilid" Chair is Made from Baked Soil and Fungi

Growing your own furniture might seem like a crazy idea, but some designers are already experimenting with this weird and wonderful concept. That is the case of Erez Nevi Pana who is growing his own furniture from natural materials and watches it grow! Made from a mix of soil, fungi and other natural materials, “Soilid” is Pana‘s first experimentation with these kinds of elements, which are common in the garden but rarely seen within the design world. To make this odd looking chair the materials are first measured by volume and weight, and then mixed all together. The mix is then shaped… read more

Log Garden


Gardening can seem tricky in cities where space is limited. This results in people choosing to create windowsill gardens and grow in potted plants to preserve space. Even then, you may be faced with insufficient amounts of sunlight. There are remedies for this, found in nutritious plants that have the ability to grow in confined spaces, and sustain life with little light exposure.  This comes in handy in places where most is shrouded in shadows cast by multi-story tower blocks. Mushrooms are a good example of this. In the wild they grow on dead trees and, as added convenience for city dwellers, they can grow on logs as well. The method… read more