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Affordable Enclosed Three-Wheeler gets 84 MPG

Affordable Enclosed Three-Wheeler gets 84 MPG

If you’re looking for a fun and fuel-efficient transportation option this year, this three-wheeled car from Elio Motors might be just what you’re looking for. This fully-enclosed vehicle seats two people (plus a small trunk), is front-wheel drive, and has a top speed of over 100 mph, which is plenty fast for most driving situation. The gas tank holds 8 gallons, making for a total range of about 670 miles per fill-up (getting 84 mpg at highway speeds), which can save you a ton of money in fuel costs over the course of a year. Even with its city mileage… read more

Rent Cars by the Minute


Car2go is a German company that allows drivers to hire cars by the minute. Depleting the need to justify an hourly rate with moderate to long distance travel. Instead, cars can be utilized for shorter trips when walking is impractical and public transport, inaccessible. As with mid-distance commutes to work and last minute trips to the grocery store. Car2go has vehicles deposited throughout participating cities, all which can be found through an app and reserved online in as little as 30 minutes in advance. If you’re not making a reservation, simply use any of the car2go vehicles closest to you…. read more

Human Powered Taxis


Bicycling is a well established form of solitary transportation (excluding tandem bikes), but what if human powered vehicles became a mainstream form of public transportation? Whether that day will come to fruition within our lifetime or not, the vision has already been set in motion as, in 1997, the first Velotaxi was authorized to operate in Berlin. Velotaxis are human powered taxi cabs of aerodynamic design that allow passengers to travel anywhere within a city without the use of fuel. To companies, Velotaxis also function as mobile advertisements, as cabs are decked out to match the current product or campaign… read more