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Movies Come To Life


In the world of tech startups, many unique device and gadget developers vie for public notoriety and capital to expound upon their original idea. Utilising websites such as Kickstarter or IndiGoGo, companies and individuals alike put their projects on display as they campaign to reach a monetary goal. However, not all inventors build atop a previous technology made popular by film and pop culture icons. Lex Kendall from Evolve Electric Motorcycles, and a personal fan of the Tron: Legacy movie, saw a market potential for one of the film’s futuristic vehicles. Working in collaboration with Parker Brothers Custom Choppers, he… read more

Smarter Driving App Maximizes Fuel Efficiency

Smarter Driving App Maximizes Fuel Efficiency

A little inexpensive piece of hardware for your vehicle, coupled with an app on your smartphone, could yield better fuel-efficiency, and take some of the mystery out of your car’s performance with real time diagnostics, right on your phone. The Dash system, which uses a small device that plugs right into the stock ODB port in a vehicle, allows drivers to gather data on their car’s performance and their own driving habits, as well as find the cheapest gas prices nearby and shop for deals on auto repairs. Dash also adds a social component to driving, by allowing users to… read more

Mobile Lightweight Takes Load off Automobiles


The technology entrapped in the slender pane through which millions view their Smartphone screen display will soon be utilized to make automobiles lighter and thus, improve fuel economy. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is a strong yet pliable glass that is currently used on 1.5 billion electronic devices worldwide. With Gorilla Glass, Corning developed a new atomic composition for glass that has contributes less damage to the environment than competitor materials like Sapphire Glass, which is not actually glass but a crystalline material. First launched in 2007, the company has introduced three versions of the material. All of them greatly improve the… read more

Make Your Ride More Energy Efficient

Make Your Ride More Energy Efficient

We don’t always get to drive the vehicle of our choice, like being able to purchase a more environmentally-minded, efficient model. There are simple ways to improve how you drive the one that you do have in order to save fuel. In addition to some of the basics, like keeping tires at proper inflation levels, not carrying around excess weight, making sure the gas cap is tight and using the correct gas and oil for your vehicle type, other not so prevalent tips may help, too. For instance, don’t overfill the gas tank at the station. Leaving room in the tank… read more

$50K Reward Offered for Fuel Economy App

Ford Fuel Efficiency Challenge

In a challenge to app and web developers, Ford aims to help drivers get the best, most reliable, personal fuel economy data so they can optimize their fuel usage. At the New York International Auto Show, Ford announced a $50,000 Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge, asking software developers to create the best apps to help customers easily access their personal fuel-economy performance data. The Challenge is designed to “create an app to improve everyone’s fuel economy”, according to Jim Farley, Ford Executive vice president of global marketing. The independent developer that produces the best application for measuring fuel economy in the… read more