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Use Cavity Closers to Fix Heat Loss in Buildings

Insulating with cavity closers

Most of the heat loss from buildings occurs at the windows as the heat passes through the glass. This can be minimized with high performance double or triple glazing. The next problem is that heat loss also occurs around the window. This is where cavity closers come into their own. In cavity walls, the inner and outer leaves of the brickwork have to be closed at the reveal, the recess around window and door frames. But if this is closed with more bricks and mortar, it may create a thermal bridge for heat to escape from the property. Bricks and… read more

Compare Driving Costs for Gasoline vs. Electric Cars

Compare Driving Costs for Gasoline vs. Electric Cars

When considering the operating costs for a gas powered vehicle, it’s fairly simple to understand and apply the miles-per-gallon ratings on the window stickers, because we’re used to thinking in those terms, and are reminded of the costs for a gallon of gas every time we fuel up. But what if you’re interested in an electric car? How do you measure and compare the energy costs of something that plugs into your house with all of the rest of your electrical appliances, and gets paid for monthly, on a bill where you usually only see the totals for usage, not… read more

$50K Reward Offered for Fuel Economy App

Ford Fuel Efficiency Challenge

In a challenge to app and web developers, Ford aims to help drivers get the best, most reliable, personal fuel economy data so they can optimize their fuel usage. At the New York International Auto Show, Ford announced a $50,000 Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge, asking software developers to create the best apps to help customers easily access their personal fuel-economy performance data. The Challenge is designed to “create an app to improve everyone’s fuel economy”, according to Jim Farley, Ford Executive vice president of global marketing. The independent developer that produces the best application for measuring fuel economy in the… read more

Green is the new red

Green Coke

Coca-Cola Enterprises is set to roll out a fleet of renewable biogas-powered delivery trucks in London depot as part of a drive to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs. The investment follows a successful 12-month trial with low carbon vehicle technology advisor, the Centre of Excellence (Cenex), to evaluate and compare the emissions, fuel consumption, economics, reliability and operability of a 26 tonne Iveco Stralis biomethane gas vehicle with that of a diesel Stralis vehicle. It concluded that the gas vehicle achieved emissions savings of about 50%, compared to the diesel vehicles. Cenex has predicted this saving could… read more