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Take the Pledge to Stop Idling Your Car

Take the Pledge to Stop Idling Your Car

To help make your car trips more fuel-efficient and less polluting, you don’t necessarily need to buy a hybrid or electric car, because your car already has that capability, wired right into the ignition switch. What’s that, you say? It’s already wired into the ignition switch? Yup. It’s called the “off” position, and if we can start turning our vehicles off instead of leaving them to idle at drive-thrus and traffic jams or school drop-offs, we can start to make a difference in fuel consumption, air pollution, and CO2 emissions. According to I Turn It Off, we waste some 3.8… read more

Volvo’s Kinetic Flywheel Can Boost Fuel Economy 25%

Volvo flywheel KERS

A new type of kinetic flywheel technology from Volvo Car Group could be a cheap and efficient method for boosting fuel economy by as much as 25%. The new flywheel system, Flywheel KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), fits onto the rear axle of a gas-powered car, and when the vehicle brakes, the device converts that brake energy to the spinning flywheel, which spins as fast as 60,000 RPM. Once braking begins, the standard combustion engine powering the front wheels of the car is switched off, and when the vehicle begins to move again after a stop, the rear wheels get… read more

$50K Reward Offered for Fuel Economy App

Ford Fuel Efficiency Challenge

In a challenge to app and web developers, Ford aims to help drivers get the best, most reliable, personal fuel economy data so they can optimize their fuel usage. At the New York International Auto Show, Ford announced a $50,000 Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge, asking software developers to create the best apps to help customers easily access their personal fuel-economy performance data. The Challenge is designed to “create an app to improve everyone’s fuel economy”, according to Jim Farley, Ford Executive vice president of global marketing. The independent developer that produces the best application for measuring fuel economy in the… read more

Monitor Your Car with Your iPhone


A new device for your car takes advantage of the smartphone revolution by linking the car’s onboard computer to your phone, potentially saving you gas money through tracking your driving habits, as well as alerting you to any problems that arise with the vehicle. The Automatic Link, which is said to be compatible with almost any gas-fueled car sold in the U.S. since 1996, connects to your car’s data port and communicates with your smartphone wirelessly, via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The device gathers data from your car, as well as the GPS in your phone, and learns your driving… read more

Fuel Saving Technologies

Fuel saving technologies

Automobile manufacturers around the globe are eyeing on new ways to save fuel and increase the economy of their cars. They are pushed to do this because of the increase in fuel price and depletion of fossil fuels. So following are some technologies that are employed in new car models in the event of saving fuel. If you are planning to buy a new car do check for these money saving technologies. Direct Injection:  Fuel injection techniques are being adopted instead of carburetors because engines using carburetors require higher maintenance when compared to fuel injection engines. As a part of… read more

Green is the new red

Green Coke

Coca-Cola Enterprises is set to roll out a fleet of renewable biogas-powered delivery trucks in London depot as part of a drive to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs. The investment follows a successful 12-month trial with low carbon vehicle technology advisor, the Centre of Excellence (Cenex), to evaluate and compare the emissions, fuel consumption, economics, reliability and operability of a 26 tonne Iveco Stralis biomethane gas vehicle with that of a diesel Stralis vehicle. It concluded that the gas vehicle achieved emissions savings of about 50%, compared to the diesel vehicles. Cenex has predicted this saving could… read more