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Corn: A Kernel Of Destruction

Corn Kernels

Corn has become an inescapable additive to both edible and non-edible products. Every day, we are bombarded with corn derived products. Sodas laden with corn-syrup, ketchup, tortillas, ice cream, candy – foods far from resembling the light golden kernels of freshly husked corn – are a constant source of corn and its most prevalent by-product, corn-syrup. The use of which has increased diabetes and obesity rates. In addition, the majority of corn grown in the U.S. goes to feed livestock. But it doesn’t end with our diets. The excess of corn brought on by overproduction leaves the USDA scrambling for other avenues… read more

Tips For Perfect Caramel Apples


Apple season is a good time to stock up on the natural snack with benefits, which includes being vitamin rich and containing natural sources of dietary fiber. Apples keep well, can be used in endless recipes and having an abundance of them on hand is a good excuse to indulge in a fall tradition – making caramel apples. While recipes differ, some simple tips will make all the difference in producing delicious, gourmet candy and caramel apples at home. Use fresh, crisp apples that are pre-washed and thoroughly dried. They should also be well chilled before dipping so ingredients will adhere… read more