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Water Gets Some Attention With These 2 Products

Water Gets Some Attention With These 2 Products

Drinking water is essential, and sometimes extra steps are needed to get enough of it to meet the requirements. Whether filtering for added safety or enhancing it to make it more flavorful, the products available in the water market are wide ranging. The Soma water filtration system contains a unique biodegradable filter that is made from Malaysian coconut shell carbon and silk layers. Its casing is plant based and the combination of materials creates a natural filtering mechanism.┬áIt is supposed to make water safer as well as taste fresher and crisper. The filter system comes with a glass carafe that… read more

Recycled Water Debate

Recycled water

Water is a commodity necessary to sustain life on earth. Without it the world would come to an abrupt dead halt, which is why considerable efforts are invested into water conservation methods because it has become common knowledge that fresh water is a depleting resource in many territories worldwide. Recycled water is one of most controversial topics in environmental law and policy formulation, as it is also a viable alternative to mitigating fresh water consumption. There is often resistance towards integrating recycled water into drinking water. Recently, the people of Ethekwini (otherwise known as Durban) in South Africa are one… read more