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Why Eat Seasonally?

Eating Seasonal Produce

Eating food out of season is unsustainable for a number of reasons. Transporting the food, as well as creating and transporting its packaging, uses fossil fuels and generates carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Furthermore, produce shipped in from other places is often grown in monocultures, a practice that also has negative consequences for the environment. However, there are other impacts beyond these environmental problems. Eating out-of-season foods shipped in from other places compromises local food security by investing in a global system at the expense of a local one. It also leads to a loss of food knowledge,… read more

Food Justice Facts

Food Justice Facts

Many neighborhoods don’t have access to healthy fresh foods, causing people to have to go out of their area to find better choices. Some that don’t have travel access or the means to commute have to rely on what is available and affordable. There are widespread food vacuums that exist, and communities in the midst of one don’t have whole foods stores, supermarkets and garden fresh farmer’s markets. Another thing they often don’t have is the necessary nutrients essential for health and development. Though these areas are globally widespread, there is a common factor that seems to exist in many… read more