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Catch of the Day: Farm-Raised or Fresh?

Catch of the Day: Farm -Raised or Fresh?

Often contemplated among seafood lovers is the fresh, as opposed to farm-raised, dilemma. Is there a right answer? Choosing one might not be as easy as you think. Focusing on what it entails to put the catch of the day on the serving platter, it turns out, is a conversation with issues for both sides of this seafood quandary. Aquafarms, or fish farms, are producing large-scale amounts of finned favorites in order to meet consumer demands for seafood. Without addressing one of the largest, perhaps eeriest concerns over aquaculture – the genetically modified fish (salmon to be exact), there are other… read more

These 3 Handy Tools Let You Be A Food Scientist

These 3 Handy Tools Let You Be A Food Scientist

Keeping track of everything in the food supply is nearly impossible. While label reading and careful consumption certainly helps, we all know what an extra effort it can be to try and uncover the potentially harmful and amplify the beneficial. The following resources are a few clever tools that are helpful and simple to use. Though no one wants yet another gadget to have to carry around, there is one on the table that promises to put you in the know regarding ingredients. The SCiO is a handheld molecular sensor available for preorder that can analyze nearly every component it comes… read more