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Inquiry Into Agrarian Communities

Inquiry Into Agrarian Communities

Agrarian communities have been documented in many cultures as a means for sustaining local inhabitants. Agrarianism farming concepts focus more on agricultural good for the commonwealth, and not on industrialization and profitable products. There is also the realization that agriculture has the potential to support and sustain communities, and farmers of the land are held in high regard. Some who examine food security issues question whether or not the concept of the first agrarian communities would be beneficial if currently reinstated on a larger scale, and suggest that these types of farms can be proposed as a model for food… read more

Organic Agriculture


Current industrial farming methods are responsible for mass deforestations; reduction of biodiversity; mining of non-renewable groundwater; and pollution in the form of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, and greenhouse gas emissions. Many critics of the organic movement argue that while organic farming is nice in theory because it’s so much better for the environment, it’s not a feasible method for feeding the world. A recent United Nations (2008) agricultural study found that although organic growing methods produce lower yields under some conditions, when best management practices are applied, they actually produce significantly better yields. Furthermore, such methods produce more healthy and… read more