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On The Menu: Genetically Modified Organisms


66% of those who participated in a poll in the U.S. showed a preference for manufacturer’s food labels to reveal what products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Since over 90% of U.S. corn crops are genetically modified, it is no wonder more insightful consumers are in support of transparent food labeling. Genetically modified foods are among us and have been for some time, and you might not even know you are ingesting the experimental fares. In primary school you may have learned that by putting a seed in a cup, providing good dirt, water and sunlight you would soon have… read more

Would You Buy Expired Food?

Would You Buy Expired Food?

It’s hard to believe how food waste, which is responsible for tons of tossed out money, can occur in even the most conscious of households. The Institute of Mechanical Engineers stated that as much as 30 to 50% of all food purchased is thrown out. Doug Rauch has made it one of his goals to help cut down some of this waste. Previously president of Trader Joe’s, a specialty retail grocer, he is opening a new kind of grocery store in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Called the Daily Table, the concept is to sale items that may be listed as past their expiration… read more