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Tableware From Dried Oranges

‘Solskin Peels’ Tableware From Dried Oranges

Oranges are great for making juice for breakfast, in fruit salads during the day or just eaten on their own, but we now found out that they also make great sustainable design, if they are off course, dried properly. An innovative idea coming from Israel, ‘Solskin Peels’ turns dried, molded orange peels into functional objects ready to contain food and liquids. The word Solskin comes from the Danish word ‘sunshine’, but Ori Sonnenschein from Solskin Design created this collection of orange-based objects from his Israel studio. ‘Solskin Peels’ includes cups, plates, containers and spoons, all made from oranges. Biodegradable locally… read more

Handheld Spectrometer Identifies Allergens, Nutrients, Ingredients in Food


The world of modern food can be confusing, and sometimes dangerous, depending on your dietary and nutrition needs and allergies, especially when eating prepared foods without any labeling. But a new handheld device could enable us to make better and more informed choices, by sniffing out the ingredients, nutrients, and allergens that may be hiding in those items. TellSpec is a handheld spectrometer capable of allowing more transparency in eating, whether you’re counting calories, avoiding certain ingredients, or just trying to keep track of the nutrients you’re eating (or trying to eat more or less of). “TellSpec is a three-part… read more

Google Search Serves Up Food Nutrition Info in Results


For those seeking to change their eating habits, or help with sticking to a diet, or are cooking for someone with specific nutritional requirements, the world’s most loved search engine just made it a whole lot easier. Google Search has put the nutritional information for over 1000 common foods right into its search results page, so all you need to do is “Google” the food you want information for, and the nutrition info comes up next to the usual search results. That’s one less click and much less time spent searching the results page for what you want, which could… read more