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The versatility of compact scooters


Scooter and motorcycle companies are raising the bar each year for next-generation engineering and design. You’ve seen some pretty cool ideas for hovering scooters and such, but you’ve probably never seen a compact folding scooter. The Moveo Scooter The Moveo is a sleek new innovation in scooter design. It’s able to completely fold down to be carried with you, and it’s quite nice to behold.   The Moveo was created from Antro; a “non-profit Hungarian organization that also designed the wood-framed hybrid Solo car.” The electric Moveo weighs just 63 pounds, which, by vehicle standards, is super light. You probably won’t… read more

Alternatives To Driving

Alternatives to Driving

Each summer, gas prices seem to increase whilst our daily commutes get longer. Sure, the electric vehicle market is growing exponentially, but that doesn’t mean we have the money to just go out and buy a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model S. It’s time to think smart, and think conservatively. Just because you can’t drive everywhere doesn’t mean the alternative can’t be creative. Do you enjoy rollerblading? Biking? Walking, even? Then this should be the easiest conversation you’ve ever had with yourself. If you live in New York City, check out the NYC rent-a-bike program. It’s cheap, it’s simple,… read more