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Architecture Steps Up With High Fives

Architecture Steps Up With High Fives

Most of us don’t think of flooring as a luxury item, but as a basic element of housing. However, the impact of inadequate flooring is widespread. An effort called the High Fives Campaign is a movement by the nonprofit organization, Architecture for Health in Vulnerable Environments (ARCHIVE), that is determined to improve the lives of families simply by replacing the dirt floors in their homes. With a goal date of 2015, they are seeking to completely remove dirt floors in at least 500 homes in Bangladesh so children are healthier, safer and can celebrate their fifth birthdays by decreasing the… read more

Give Old Belts New Uses Around The Home

Give Old Belts New Uses Around The Home

Project materials can get expensive, and saving up old belts or using thrift shop finds is an inexpensive way to build a supply inventory. Find some DIY motivation below with these activities that incorporate recovered belts into useful pieces. Flooring and Surfaces Designer Inghua Ting has created beautifully installed flooring using tossed out men’s belts. First, any hardware is removed and the remaining leather pieces are cleaned by hand without using any chemicals. The leather surface is made by cutting the vintage belts into tiles and then adhering to the floor in a pattern or random application. They also make sturdy,… read more

Skip The Hardwood; Install Bamboo


Thinking of remodeling the house this summer? Are you tired of looking at that carpet and those darned stains? Would you like both an affordable flooring option and the ability to save the environment? We’ve got just the fix for you! Bamboo flooring is a relatively new trend in the home industry, but it’s one we foresee will last quite a long time, and may even replace hardwood floors as the standard option in new homes. It’s cost-effective (comparable to hardwood pricing, and sometimes even cheaper), attractive, sturdy, and gives you no reason to pass up on the opportunity to… read more

Greener Kitchens

Eco-friendly kitchens

If you are building, renovating or just looking to ‘green-ify’ your kitchen, there are many things, great and small, you can do to better serve the environment. Replace water heater Look for a high Energy Factor (EF). This is the measure of the water heater’s overall efficiency. The higher the EF, the more efficient the appliance. Electric water heaters have higher Energy Factor ratings than gas-fired water heaters but heating with electricity can be more expensive. If you can get a tankless water heater they save a lot of energy as water is heated as it flows through the heater,… read more

DIY Recycled Flooring

Recycled Floor Redo

Redoing flooring can be expensive work and available materials can be costly or not so environmentally friendly. Upscaling a floor with natural or recycled items can give your interior a green facelift. The following do-it-yourself flooring projects provide motivation to spruce up a boring surface. The Phoenix Commotion showcases several creative do it yourself project inspirations and tips, including imaginative recycled floor applications. For example, Papier-Mâché floors can be created in endless designs with a continual supply of paper materials to incorporate. The featured floors used grocery sacks, labels and even sheet music to decorate surfaces. Also, if you happen… read more