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Is The Fish You Buy From Sustainable Sources?

Seafood for the future

Some fish come from sustainable stocks or well-managed fish farms, whereas others are obtained from vulnerable or overfished populations or environmentally harmful fish farms, or caught using methods that kill dolphins, whales, seabirds, and commercially useless fish. Organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council, the Marine Conservation Society, SeaChoice and the Vancouver Aquarium provide guidance on which fish to buy and which to avoid based on whether fishing operations and fish farms use sustainable, environmentally friendly methods or engage in destructive practices. All of these organizations provide searchable fish databases to help you determine the best fish to buy, as… read more

Sustainable Tuna

Sustainable canned tuna

Consumers are demanding change. We want information about what goes into our systems.¬†We are concerned about sustainability. We want to know that the world will be able to continue with all the present joys of nature, way after we depart. A great source of protein and a healthy snack, the canned tuna is stacked high on the supermarket shelf. An easy go-to. In terms of sustainability though, it is high on the list of species to be protected. Due to extreme over-fishing, some tuna species have been reduced dangerously close to the point of extinction. Tuna can be caught far… read more