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Bottling It Up

recycling bottles

Currently, Finland generates the lowest packaged waste of all European countries. This could in part be due to the nation’s bottle law, which requires the use and return of refillable bottles. Beginning implementation in the mid 1970s, the law requires that all take-out drink and alcoholic beverages produced in Finland be packaged in returnable bottles. Consumers of these beverages pay a small deposit fee upon purchase, which is refunded once the bottles are returned. The packaging ordinance has resulted in Finland’s soft drink and beer manufacturers conforming to design parameters to ensure all bottles can be reused, and refillable plastic… read more

Personalized Urban Transit Lets You Choose Your Route

Personalized Urban Transit Lets You Choose Your Route

In a cross between a city bus and a private taxi, a new bus service in Helsinki, Finland, allows riders to set their own routes and pay for them, right from their smartphone. Kutsuplus is the name of the service, which prices its trips somewhere between the cost of a taxi and that of a public bus, and ten of their minibuses are currently in service from 7:30am to 6:30pm in the city. “The ordering and control system of the Kutsuplus service is fully automated. It allows you to order trips even only a few minutes before you want to… read more