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The History Of Food Banks

The History Of Food Banks

The first food bank in the U.S., St. Mary’s, was established in 1967 in Arizona. The founder, John van Hengel, used to volunteer serving meals when he had the thought to do even more for his community. He heard one of the mothers at St. Vincent DePaul where he helped hand out meals say that she was only able to provide food for her children by searching through dumpsters at grocery stores and taking them to soup kitchens for free meals. This drove him to connect with others in the community to work out a system where those who had… read more

Funding Wastefulness

Cleaning up waste

Statistics on annual waste, from everything regarding paper to energy, can be found for nearly every inefficient venture. The amount of discarded items left to be dealt with each year is contemptible, and the U.S. alone is responsible for tons of it. In the aftermath of the recent Presidential debates, seeing the signage littered all over lawns and roadways finally being removed was just another reminder of this disposable attitude. Calculations were that last year’s exhilarating election cost somewhere in the several billions, with each upcoming year undoubtedly destined to outspend the last. It is wasteful. In addition, it has been… read more