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Will Fast Food Serve Up A Fair Wage?

Will Fast Food Serve Up A Fair Wage?

Recent strikes have been occurring over the past few months and probably more are in the works for the restaurant industry. Fair wages are on the itinerary, and low wage workers are tired of waiting. If you have ever been employed in fast food production or know someone who has, this is a pertinent subject. Long hours, no benefits, and often irregular schedules can also come with a side of low pay for many food service workers. Fast food is no stranger to criticism over rising obesity levels and poor nutrition. However, healthy options offered or not, current society is… read more

Sustainable Fast Food – Is It Possible?

Sustainable Fast Food

Can fast food be sustainable? For the most part, the answer is no, with a few notable exceptions. Overall, the fast food industry has built its success upon fuel-intensive, large-scale industrial inputs that are harmful to human health and the environment. However, having a reputation for corporate social responsibility has become increasingly critical to a company‚Äôs success. This paradigm shift has motivated many fast food companies to reduce their ecological footprints and inspired the establishment of a number of greener fast food restaurants and small chains in various regions. The Swedish fast food chain, Max Burgers, is a good example… read more