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Weather Channel Explores Tipping Points of Climate Change


We all know there’s a big issue for our planet with the connections between carbon emissions and climate change, but unfortunately, until it really hits us where we live, we may not pay too close attention to it. But even if climate change isn’t directly affecting our lives right now in our neighborhoods, there are places on Earth that are in a near-crisis state due to the effects of climate change. In order to call attention to those places, and how it can affect lives and livelihoods, the Weather Channel is launching a new TV series, called Tipping Points, that… read more

Let’s Name Extreme Storms after Climate Deniers


With our current storm naming system, courtesy of the World Meteorological Organization, extreme weather events get named after people, somewhat capriciously. But what if someone’s name is Katrina, or Sandy, or any of the other monikers picked for extreme storms? What did they do to deserve the scorn of the world being heaped upon their name as every news outlet covers these natural disasters? A better way might be to start naming them after those politicians who continue to deny the science behind climate change, and obstruct any efforts to mitigate its effects. Just imagine if the 5 o’clock news… read more

A Dry Mississippi?

Mighty Mississippi

It is common knowledge now the United States is experiencing the worst drought in half a century, causing the agricultural and transportation industries major headaches, aside from the negative impacts on the environment. Due to the drought, the water levels in the Mississippi River are close to historic lows, which could shut down all shipping in a matter of weeks. In a strange turn of events, the river has performed a complete 180° shift in the past 18 months—flooding in the spring of 2011 forced thousands to flee their homes, and now the river is dry. Without rain, the drought… read more

The Solar Powered Tank

Student-built solar powered tank

Watch this solar-powered tank as it explores Greenland. Created by students of Goddard engineering bootcamp, a future iteration will eventually be used by NASA to study climate change phenomenon…

2012 Hottest on Record

Temperature rising in USA

Preliminary data suggested 2012 would be the hottest year on record, given the extreme weather which plagued the U.S. for large periods at a time, and now that the final sets of data have been reviewed, it is official: 2012 was the hottest year on record for the contiguous states. The extreme weather certainly had an effect: the surreal March heat wave, a severe drought in the Corn Belt, and Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the Middle Atlantic States. Simply stated, it was the perfect situation to become the hottest year on record. How hot was it? The average was 55.3… read more