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The Fish Oil Craze Is Wiping Out Whale Sharks


If you have fish oil in your home, or use expensive cosmetics, then congratulations — you’re the cause of mass whale shark genocide. OK, so the consumers aren’t at fault here, but it’s clear that the fish oil trend is partially responsible for the looming extinction of the world’s rarest shark. One factory alone in China kills upwards of 600 per year, and pays $31,000 for each shark. Though the oil is taken from the livers of whale, blue, and basking sharks, it is the whale shark whose existence is threatened by this fad. In China, these three species of… read more

Threatened Trees From A Warming Climate

Threatened Trees

Trees are equally at risk as the planet grows hotter and humans continue to be careless with the environment. Here are three beautiful trees that are in danger of becoming extinct. Monkey Puzzle An evergreen that is native to South America. It received its unusual name in the early 1850’s when a British man who was unfamiliar with the tree remarked, ”It would puzzle a monkey to climb that.” The national tree of Chile, the Monkey Puzzle is an ancient species with individual specimens able to live for up to 1,000 years. The long straight trunks used to be considered ideal for lumber mills. Logging, along… read more

The War On Whaling

War on Whaling

Often in international news it is reported that not-for-profit organisations such as Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd were in an altercation with Japanese whalers at sea. Organisations such as these make it their business to protect whales from being killed by human beings. Talking to my sister and her friends the other day, I realised that not many people understand the importance of eradicating whaling. In actual fact, many are much more prepared to brand these activist organisations as whale cultists. Whales form a very important part of marine life, such that senseless killing of these sea mammals must be prevented…. read more

Saving Diversity

Saving all species

The world is a theatre in which our lives may play out, and it is our job to set the stage. As with any production of substance its embellishments must serve a purpose beyond aesthetic pleasure. When applying this to real life we must realize the biodiversity that furnishes our world transcends the virtue of beauty, it is integral to the cycle that allows life as we know it to function – and must be protected if we wish for the production to run smoothly. Perhaps as some leading roles discard those of less notoriety, if of equal importance, supporting… read more

Sustainable Tuna

Sustainable canned tuna

Consumers are demanding change. We want information about what goes into our systems. We are concerned about sustainability. We want to know that the world will be able to continue with all the present joys of nature, way after we depart. A great source of protein and a healthy snack, the canned tuna is stacked high on the supermarket shelf. An easy go-to. In terms of sustainability though, it is high on the list of species to be protected. Due to extreme over-fishing, some tuna species have been reduced dangerously close to the point of extinction. Tuna can be caught far… read more

Bats: Ecologically Vital

Bats - ecologically vital

Bats can be found on all continents except Antarctica. They fulfill three ecological roles that are highly beneficial to humans: pollinating food plants, dispersing seeds, and controlling insect populations. More than 300 fruit plant species require bats for pollination, including bananas, guavas, and mangos. Without bats, there would also be no Tequila, as the Agave plant from which it’s derived depends on bats for pollination. In addition to the pollination services they provide, bats play a critical role in the seeding of tropical forests, which rely upon fruit-eating animals for seed dispersal. When animals consume fruit, they protect seeds from… read more