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Reconsidering The Lawn With Edible Estates

Reconsidering The Lawn With Edible Estates

Landscaping as we generally think of it today didn’t become popular until around the 1700’s. Manicured lawns, perfectly shaped shrubbery, greenery and colorful plants – plus water waste, high water bills and inefficient yard space that can work against a home’s efficiency. Not to mention the upkeep, and all for a lawn that provides mostly only an aesthetic benefit. However, this idea of a landscaped yard is a stark contrast from utilitarian views of the space, employed for centuries by farmers, home gardeners and budget conscious residents. Today, the lawn is one of the many areas that are being given a second look… read more

High Fashion Gowns Made from Recyclables


Up-cycled fashion is making its way from DIY street wear to upscale runways and fashion exhibitions. Recycled Runway, which embodies a collection of “Eco-trash Couture”, forgoes chemically treated and new stock fabrics, instead using discarded materials to create elegant gowns. The project is headed by Nancy Judd, a public artist, speaker, and environmentalist.   Using unconventional items in place of fabric has more advantages than waste reduction. The materials themselves influence the design of the dress, creating distinctive shapes that give the gowns their flare and individuality. A good example of this is the “Junk Mail Fan Dress”, whose defining… read more

Intricate Gardens Indoors


You needn’t settle for potted plants to add lush to interior spaces. Even in limited expanses you can, with a little ingenuity, create green havens with canopies of foliage and exposed earth. The following are prime displays of indoor gardens that retain their primitive nature despite their urban enclosures. Office Garden The Cuningham Hayden Group Place didn’t simply install a garden in their office, architects built the office around it. Such is evident in the organic layout of the garden, unobstructed by abrupt run-ins with choppy walls. Beyond use as a spot for relaxation, the garden filters the air that… read more