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Power Your Home by Pedalling Your Bike


With as little as three essential objects, in addition to yourself,  you can put your strength to good use powering your home and its various contents with your own bike generator. These crucial ingredients include a bike, a motor (a stepper motor, permanent magnet motor, or automobile alternator), and a battery pack. When constructing your own bicycle generator, it is better to use a real bicycle, preferably a road bike, rather than an exercise or stationary bike. Though you will need a stand or bike trainer to keep the bike in a stationary position. Bikes with gears allow people of… read more

This App Helps You Get Your 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise

This App Helps You Get Your 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get healthier (or to stay healthy), is to be active and moving for at least 30 minutes every day, whether it’s walking or riding a bike or hitting the gym. But unless you meticulously track your daily activities, how do you know whether you need to move more, or if you’re getting that daily recommended exercise? One way could be through using this free app, which automatically tracks your activities, even inside, and keeps track of how much you move every day. The Human app, which is currently only for iOS,… read more

What It’s Like Using A Treadmill Desk


In recent years, the active lifestyle trend has taken America by storm, and though we’re still posting record numbers as the world’s fattest country (Go USA!), we’re doing our best. One of the trends you may have seen rise and fall is that of the treadmill desk. It basically works exactly as it sounds — a desk where you walk on a treadmill to exercise while attempting to work. The folks at Business Insider decided to give the concept a spin, and here’s how it worked out for them:

I’m Healthy, But…….

Eating healthily

You want to be healthier but you don’t like brown rice. If you prefer white grains, try Jasmine rice instead. Though white Jasmine rice isn’t as beneficial as brown rice, it doesn’t metabolize into sugar the way standard white rice does. Basmati rice is also a better option than packaged white rice. Both Jasmine and Basmati are of the long grain variety and have a lower glycemic index. You want to be healthier but you still drink soda. Lucky for you, nature (paired with some health conscious soda lovers) has created a natural, calorie free soda. They call it Zevia…. read more

Do You Take A Multivitamin?

Do You Take A Multivitamin?

If so, it is possible you may be wasting your money, according to recent research. 52% of Americans take a multivitamin, and sales are expected to reach over 11 billion in the upcoming year. However, the vitamin industry is probably scrambling to vamp up their marketing and public relations efforts, as 3 new studies recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine have all concluded that taking a daily vitamin provides practically no benefits for the majority of those who take them. The studies all concluded that routine vitamin use has little or no effects against the risks of cardiovascular… read more

As Light As A Bicycle

Blackbraid bike

Before you start scouring Amazon and eBay for the Blackbraid Bicycle, know that it will cost a hefty $20,000 when it finally comes to market. That being said, this example of modern engineering is a wonderful example of the way of the future. Weighing less than 11 pounds, the Blackbraid Bicycle by the Germany-based bicycle company Munich Composites was built with braided carbon fiber encased in resin. The bike is strong(er) than steel, and weighs like it was made from aluminum. Carbon fiber has typically been an expensive building material, depending on its usage. In cars, trucks, and planes, it… read more

Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy

The frigid, winter months often leave us longing for comfort in the forms of food, clothing, and sleep. While the shortened days may induce a desire to hibernate in our warm alcoves, the aches and mood changes brought on by the cold can keep us from getting a good night’s rest. In these times, it can help to be your own sandman, by finding and treating the root causes of insomnia to ensure sleep comes naturally. Often times, insomnia is caused by stress, anxiety, poor diet and exercise, among other things. Still, if a lack of sleep becomes a major problem it may be a… read more

Search Walk Score and Walk Some More

Search Walk Score and Walk Some More

In metropolitan areas the foot commute can be a part of the everyday. Walkways can often be overlooked in places where concrete tends to take over the greenery. Community walk paths that are arranged around nature and not intruding upon it can be found in several designs. Safe, easily cleaned and synthetic materials kept to a minimum, these paths actually encourage walking. Great for sneaking in exercise and improving health, walking as opposed to riding saves environmental energy while increasing individual energy levels. So, how does your neighborhood or favorite spot do on a walkabout? You can find out at Walk… read more

The Power Of Your Sweat

Working Out

What does a gym provide? People sweat and in turn it helps them get fit and healthy. But have you ever heard of a gym that produces power? Gyms in Manhattan now have stationary bikes which are pedaled by club members, who are not just keeping themselves fit but also helping to produce power. This bike looks like traditional bikes found in gyms and clubs, but it has a tall black box with wires connected to it which is nothing but a compact generator that converts the mechanical wheeling motion of the bike into electric power. This can now be used in the… read more

Treat Acne Naturally

Healthy skin treatments

We have all had our fair share of acne and often treat it with toxic medications.  Fortunately, there are natural ways to treat acne and save some money.  These natural remedies have been tested by science and are shown to work for most skin types. Dairy – Science has confirmed that diet can cause acne.  According to the Mayo Clinic, eating dairy foods and carbohydrates can cause acne.  The problem is the rise in blood sugar from eating foods containing refined flour.   If dairy is a part of your everyday diet, try cutting back or replacing your usual dairy products with… read more