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The Problem with GMO’s

Genetic modification

Genetic Modification. GMO. Frankly, it sounds quite scary. What’s also scary is the fact that we need eight syllables to describe something quite simple: Fiddling about. The problem with modifying something that already exists in a state of modification (ie. evolution – meaning that the plant or animal was genetically modified through a natural process occurring over thousands of years to fit best with its surroundings) is that well, first of all, forcibly adapting another thing to our own benefits just doesn’t make any sense in the long term. Singling out a single species of wheat, for example, out of… read more

Evolution of Recycling

History of recycling

Ever wonder how recycling came about?  Actually, it has been around for longer than you might think. Forms of recycling have been in existence probably longer than the timelines date. Many sources cite Japan as the first on record to recycle paper as far back as 1031. Recycling efforts can also be seen predating the industrial era, including the re-use of metals in Europe. This came about mostly because of necessity, where materials were often spare and garbage removal didn’t exist. An Australian paper mill used recycled rags and turned them into paper in 1815, with paper recycling by homes… read more