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Hyperloop Concept May Become Reality — Soon


Next June, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. might become a household name, that is, if Patricia Galloway can pull off one amazing development–namely, the creation of Elon Musk’s “Hyperloop”. If you’ve read the articles about it, you know just how awesome it has the potential to become, provided a great many developmental hurdles are solved. Still, Galloway, the head of HTT Inc., is optimistic and determined to see the project through. After all, she has a great track record of making things happen. The Hyperloop is a tube very much like the ET3 tubes we wrote about last year, albeit with… read more

Space Tube Transportation of the Future

Space Tube Transportation of the Future

The human need to propel with man-made forms of travel can be found throughout history. Transportation is a necessity for daily schedules but things like emissions, particulate matter and carbon monoxide are obviously not so good for the environment. Daryl Oster wants to fix this issue with his version of space inspired mobility called Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies, or ET3™. It doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, can be a cost effective mode of transport and won’t even cause noise pollution. Oh, and if you need to cut down your commute or business travel time, it can also go faster than… read more