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Tesla Expands Electric Car Supercharger Network in U.S.

Tesla Supercharger

Driving an electric car long distances is about to get a little easier, thanks to the announcement that Tesla is expanding its Supercharger network to cover additional areas across the U.S. Not too long ago, owning an electric car was somewhat of an oddity, and held plenty of challenges for drivers, not the least of which was the question of where to charge it up when not near their own garage or home. But now we’re starting to see a wider adoption of electric vehicles, including the iconic Tesla Model S, which is getting infrastructure support from the company with… read more

Wind Powered Charger


Using an electric car is really cool and now there is yet another reason to be uber-cool, as the world’s first wind powered electric vehicle charging station was installed successfully last month. “Sanya Skypump” is a collaborative effort of Urban Green Energy and General Electric; it is the world’s first EV station which charges cars with the help of wind. Sanya Skypump uses the technology of both organizations – the vertical tower is from Urban Green Energy (UGE 4K) and EV charging technology is from General Electric. Together they form an all-in-one power generation and charging station. The vertical axis… read more