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Back To School Cost Savers

Back to School

Every year across the world when campuses and classrooms start to fill up at the beginning of semesters, the costs for students and/or their parents mount up. And not just the financial cost, but the environmental cost of producing all those plastic items in immense. Here is a list of my top 5 eco-friendly solutions that will help your wallet and our world. Recycle What You Can The amount of paper students use every year is overwhelming.  There are notes, written papers, newspapers, graphs, instruction sheets and syllabi.  But, no matter how much of this paper we use, it will all end… read more

Save money by going green

Leafy Continents

The following are some great tips and advice on how you can save the planet, save your wallet, and feel great doing it. Most are simple, some are no-brainers, and a few may cost you a bit of upfront cash, but will save you in the long-run. Create a homemade compost bin This is a quick and easy project for personal use or to teach the kids how to be eco-conservative. Say NO to disposable bags Stop using the plastic bags you normally receive from the grocery store. Purchase a recyclable bag and carry it with you. Not only won’t… read more

2 Eye-catching But Opposite Small Home Designs

2 Eye-catching But Opposite Small Home Designs

Small homes can include of range of unexpected features. The following are residences that may be smaller in square footage, but are over the top in unorthodox concepts. This scaly looking chunk of a house called Hus-1 is from designer Torsten Ottesjö, who also constructed the micro home. Trying to capture all that nature has to offer, it is a perplexing slab of architecture. Have a look at the unusual home: This house is a replication of nature itself, according to the designer, and it was intended to be a comfortable space. Though small in scale it includes all of… read more

Responsible Toys for Preschoolers

Eco-friendly toys

Many articles have been dedicated to eco-friendly gadgets and technology for adult consumers. There are also lesser-known solutions for children, to promote conscious living at an early age. One of the best places to find affordable ‘green’ toys is Amazon.com. Most of the toys on the list are either made out of sustainable bamboo, or were created using 100% recyclable material. Either way, these make excellent education tools on the importance of maintaining a responsible lifestyle. Explain to your children how recycling saves the environment by reducing landfill and keeping energy usage lower. The first on our list is a Green Toys eco-friendly… read more

BYO Coffee Cup

BYO Coffee Cup

Starbucks has introduced a new plastic reusable cup that they are selling for only one dollar. It seems to be a hit among the Starbucks customers out there. It pays for itself quickly with the 10 cent discount Starbucks offers to people who bring their own cup. Customers also do not have to worry about losing or misplacing the cup since it is only one dollar. Starbucks put its eco-friendly idea to work in 600 Pacific Northwest stores starting in October. In November, Starbucks saw a 26% increase in the usage of reusable cups compared to November of the previous… read more

Greener Kitchens

Eco-friendly kitchens

If you are building, renovating or just looking to ‘green-ify’ your kitchen, there are many things, great and small, you can do to better serve the environment. Replace water heater Look for a high Energy Factor (EF). This is the measure of the water heater’s overall efficiency. The higher the EF, the more efficient the appliance. Electric water heaters have higher Energy Factor ratings than gas-fired water heaters but heating with electricity can be more expensive. If you can get a tankless water heater they save a lot of energy as water is heated as it flows through the heater,… read more

Think Before You Pack

Think Before you Pack

Travel enriches our lives, broadens our minds, and enlightens us to the reality of other nations. By exposing the customs of one nation to an other, travel introduces the likelihood for change. This can lead to the improved welfare of humans, gender equality, the implementation of environmentally sound practices, and the protection and conservation of animals and other wildlife. One of the largest factors in influencing such change is how we travel. If done right, strong foreign bonds can be made. Before you travel, make sure you prepare and pack appropriately. Suitcases don’t need to be stuffed with shoes and gadgets, just filled to a comfortable amount with… read more

Green Christmas Decor

Green Christmas decor

Christmas decorations can have many negative environmental impacts. Producing decorations and their packaging uses non-renewable resources and creates pollution. In addition, shipping materials to factories and finished products to stores (and driving them home from stores) contributes to global warming. However, it is easy to switch to more eco-friendly Christmas décor by following the three environmental principles: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce There are a number of ways to reduce both the amount of material used in decorating and its environmental impacts. Use natural decorations, such as a bough cut from a tree, a bowl of pinecones, dried flowers, strings… read more