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The Magic Shoe Box

The Magic Shoe Box

This morning, David, an old family friend in his eighties, shared with me a childhood story of growing silk worms. As a little boy, he would gather a pile of mulberry leaves, stuff them into a shoe box, and hide half a dozen small caterpillars beneath the foliage. The creatures were the object of fascination for David as a little boy. He would marvel at the caterpillars’ ravenous appetites as they devoured box after box of mulberry leaves. With every mouthful, the caterpillars grew fatter. Eventually the little critters grew thicker than David’s thumb. When the caterpillars were fat and… read more

Help Kids Go Green

Kids surround green world

In today’s day and age, eco-friendliness is a trending topic just about everywhere you look. However, kids might not understand the importance of eco-friendliness. For that, we present to you a wonderful list of websites, games, and creative imagination that will help you teach your children how to go green. Planet Pals This is an interactive and colorful website designed to help educate your children on what conservation means. There are games, crafts, cool activities, and a wealth of information formatted for your child’s understanding. There are resources for parents and teachers alike, so visit Planet Pals today. Amazon Green… read more