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3 Significant Contributors to U.S. Environmental Literature

3 Significant Contributors to U.S. Environmental Literature

From environmental essays and natural reflections to printed discord for pollution yielding commercial regimes, many works have underwritten a strong movement for reverting back to nature. While the following are only a few of the countless, their works were fundamental during their time in shaping proactive attitudes toward ecology and conservation, and their rooted-in-nature concepts are still relevant today. Nature, in its ministry to man, is not only the material, but is also the process and the result. Ralph Waldo Emerson Known for his thoughts and essays exploring the human relationship with nature, Emerson was a pioneer of the transcendental… read more

Which Activist Are You?

Which environmental activist are you?

Take your pick. Apparently you can be light green, bright green, dark green…or no shade of green at all. As environmentalists, it’s interesting for us to not only consider our personal “shade of green”, but to also reflect on the specific roles we play as activists. When we challenge our own environmental perspectives (not just the perceptions of others), we have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. We have the opportunity to be more effective in our actions toward a healthy and prosperous world. It all starts apparently with a certain shade of green… For those of you who… read more