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Aronofsky’s “Noah” Is World’s First Environmentalist


Director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream, Pi) has stirred up quite a controversy with his new film about biblical character “Noah”. In this big-screen adaptation, Russell Crowe plays Noah–the world’s first environmentalist. Check out the trailer below: As you can see, this epic takes quite a few creative liberties, although to be fair, the Bible isn’t so descriptive on how this whole event played out. Regardless, Christians and other groups are riled up over Aronofsky’s decision to portray Noah in such a controversial way. You can read more about the issue on ScreenRant. So what might be… read more

Five Ways You’re Doing Eco-Activism Wrong


We’d like to think that going green is always about fun times and unicorns and rainbows, but the sad truth is, environmentalism can blow up in our faces pretty easily. Bad things often happen with the best of intentions in mind, and with that being said, here are five ways you’re doing it wrong. 5. Waterless Bathroom Urinals Cause Overflows (Of Pee) This is one area of everyday life where water is actually pretty necessary. Sure, you might think that conserving water by installing a “New! Hip! Eco-Friendly!” waterless urinal is the eco conscious way to go, but soon you’ll… read more

Power To The Plants!


Despite the importance humans place on our own existence, there’s another life-form that eclipses our presence on the planet: the humble plant! From an environmental education perspective, it’s critical that we promote increased awareness of and appreciation for the value of plants within the broader spectrum of biodiversity. Plants are the primary life on Earth. Everything else depends upon them to survive. From terrestrial plants to aquatic plants, the green kingdom is profoundly important to the health and well-being of the planet’s biodiversity. Whilst many plants are not particularly glamorous, their function through photosynthesis is essential; indeed, Earth offers no… read more

The Miracle Of Life

The Miracle of Life

Nature is a powerful creative force. You’d be hard-pressed to identify any invention greater than the miraculous creation of all life on the planet! Yet in promoting (and conserving) biodiversity, are our priorities the same as those that nature itself might identify if given the opportunity and voice? The term “biodiversity” basically refers to the enormous variety of life on Earth. It is the totality of life-forms, plants and animals and micro-organisms alike. As environmental educators sharing knowledge about biodiversity, we need to communicate the value(s) of biodiversity in its own right. We also need to understand and communicate how different… read more

History Of Environmentalism

Artist's Rendering

The environmentalist agenda has been around since Adam & Eve first began caretaking their corner of the world, although its current form has a much more recent beginning. Check out the short video below from the Center for Private Conservation on the timeline of environmentalism in America. It’s narrated by Robert J. Smith, founder of the CPC. Have a thought? Share it in the comments below.

Irreplaceable Treasures

Way of the dodo

Earth currently faces a global extinction crisis that threatens the stability of all life on the planet. Through human impact and climate change, countless species of plants and animals alike are disappearing at rates 1000 times faster than occur naturally in the wild. Now, more than ever, it is essential that environmental educators promote public awareness of biodiversity and the roles played by the massive variety of life-forms on Earth. If we fail in this mission, all too many species will go the way of the dodo. This might sound alarming. But facing the harsh reality is essential to creating solutions… read more