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Probing The Antarctic With Drones


We need drones. It’s a subject of much debate in the U.S., as well as around the globe, with 2014 expected to be a huge year for the drone industry as they work to convince us of their relevance. Drones have the potential to be so much more than fire-and-forget weapons of war. Their scientific and commercial applications are unparalleled in certain areas, and they aren’t as scary as many in the media have the lead the public to believe. Just recently, a 37-kilogram drone was used by research teams in the Antarctic tundra to map the ice with radar soundings…. read more

The New Look Of Temporary Learning Spaces

The New Look Of Temporary Learning Spaces

Temporary school buildings exist for many reasons such as natural disasters, building repairs or to provide extra space for overcrowded schools. Though meant to be short-term some actually stay up for many years. Numerous temporary classrooms exist worldwide, and there are 300,000 in the U.S. alone that must accommodate an estimated 7.5 million students. Since they are in fact constructed to fill an interim need, sometimes they can be less than quality fabrications which can make them susceptible to many issues. That’s where Perkins+Will, an architecture and design firm, steps in. Taking this often overlooked problem and making it their… read more