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Teaching Green Values

Teaching children to be greener

The choices we make in our home and in our lives will forever affect our children and all of the following generations. Here are a few ideas for ways to help your child be more environmentally aware. 1. Toy Swaps: Children outgrow their toys quickly. In order to reduce waste and save a little money in the process, set up periodic toy swaps. Parents and their children can take old and unwanted toys to swap out for newer, more age-appropriate toys. If you can’t do a toy swap, find a consignment toy shop in your area. It is better for… read more

One Giant Step

From Awareness to Action

Action for sustainability doesn’t just happen once someone knows something they didn’t know before. Despite the fact that many environmental education and communication programs focus on the delivery of information, there is significant research to indicate that awareness alone is not enough to compel behaviour change. “Research in the field of environmental education and in commercial marketing has shown that there is no cause-and-effect progression from knowledge to attitude to behaviour as educators have long believed” (Martha Moore, Brian Day, and Mona Grieser, Environmental Education and Communication for a Sustainable World, GreenCom, 2000). Just because we know the costs and… read more

Organic eco-fashion

VBN - Vicarious by Nature

The Vicarious by Nature collection of fashionable, organic & eco-conscious contemporary clothing will be on show on March 8, 2012 at the Attire to Inspire fashion show as part of Los Angeles fashion week. Founded in 2007 by Robb Hanson & Devon Craychee, Vicarious by Nature (VBN) is an eco-contemporary clothing line that fosters the ideals of quality and style with a “naturally” conscious approach. They aim to be forward thinking environmentally, while still being fashion forward. Attire to Inspire, Breathe LA‘s second annual charity fashion show, will be held at the Conga Room in downtown Los Angeles. Other eco… read more