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Books Designed For The Senses

Books Designed For The Senses

Books captivate the senses in a way that is original to any other material. The written word, illustrations and emitted feelings provided by pages that are crafted with creative intent and skilled work can be like no other resource for developing knowledge and furthering the imagination. Several visually and aromatically stimulating circulations have been produced that heighten the page-turner’s experience by truly embarking the senses to go along for the journey. Dating back to 1692, Traité des Couleurs Servant à la Peinture à L’eau from artist A. Boogert is an unbelievingly detailed illustrative guide to colors and painting techniques. It… read more

Paddle-to-the-Sea Lessons


  The children’s book turned film, Paddle-to-the-Sea was written in 1941 by Holling Clancy Holling. In 1966 it was turned into an educational adventure film by award-winning Canadian director and photographer Bill Mason. Presented for the National Film Board of Canada, it is a narrative tale of a handmade traveling canoe and its passenger voyaging through the waterways of Lake Superior, the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. The story highlights the wonder of the sun and water systems, and how the environment is affected by them. The seasons and their changing cycles are played out on page and on screen in… read more

Top 12 Must-Read Foodie Books

Food Books

Here are 12 must-read books for those who are interested in food, health, and sustainability: 1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan – A fascinating investigation into the ways in which industrial, organic, and alternative foods are produced and distributed, and their social, moral, political, and economic implications. 2. Compassion by the Pound: The Economics of Farm Animal Welfare by F. Bailey Norwood and Jason L. Lusk – An exploration of ethical issues, the feasibility of various animal welfare measures, and what could be done to promote the health and happiness of farm animals…. read more

Drones to Deliver Textbooks in Australia

Drones to Deliver Textbooks in Australia

Renting a textbook for university courses can make a lot of sense, as the outright purchase price for a book that only gets used for one semester can be quite high. Textbook rentals typically come by post or are picked up in person, but for some Australian college students, the textbooks they rent from Zookal in the near future could be delivered by a drone. Textbook rental company Zookal already rents out several hundred books every day, either shipping them to students or allowing them to pick them up in person. However, a partnership with a commercial drone service called… read more

Paper or Electronic?

Paper or Electronic

eReading is on the rise. With arguments about which is better for the environment, there is also the consideration about which is best for beginner readers. Smart electronic use, like unplugging items when not using to save power, combined with energy efficient gadgetry may make digital appear a better choice when placed up against stacks of paper made books. Although it is hard to determine just how much paper goes into one book, according to Paper University it takes about one pallet, or cord of uncut hardwood to make 942 hard cover books with around 100 pages. Though it appears… read more

Novel Ways to Repurpose a Novel

Zimpenfish via Flickr

Most of us have personal attachments to books we have acquired either at a local bookstore, half priced store, or a garage sale. Due to space shortages and clutter we may feel we should throw those old books into the recycle bin. Wait! Here is a few do it yourself projects that may continue to give you love from those old books. A book headboard is the perfect décor to any storybook bedroom. You can simply stack the books onto a headboard book shelf or you can get a bit more creative. Cut the hard back covers off the books and… read more

Author Spotlight and Nature Activities For Kids

Author Spotlight and Nature Activities For Kids

If you know kids who love reading, animals and being outdoors, then combine their interests with ecologically focused material. Perfect for warmer months that navigate children toward outdoor adventures, literature that ingrains a natural sense of wonder will stay with them much longer than just hearing a story. Jean Craighead George is an award winning American author that has contributed widely to the world of environmentally focused children’s literature. She was a profound naturalist who seemed to live a life that often lent to the subject matter for her books. Born to resourceful parents who modeled self-sufficiency, including an entomologist… read more

Reading for The Future

Reading for the Future

Nothing can replace the smell and feel of an old fashioned book. However, embracing the digital page has its benefits, especially for tech-savvy children. While it is important that they know how to navigate an index or read a table of contents and locate a real page, an enormous amount of knowledge can be gained via online media. In a world where disposable is more often the norm, it’s reassuring to know that the advantage of acquiring knowledge, whether it be on page or on screen, is something that can’t be thrown away. Children who read are introduced to other cultures,… read more

Switching To E-Books

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Millions of books end up as fodder in landfills each year, ranging from torn-up classics, to collegiate textbooks.And while the number of discarded books continues to increase, a solution is available in the form of ebooks. All it takes is a Kindle, Nook, tablet, or smartphone with a reading app to get started. You can download entire libraries of books, usually at a fraction of the cost of a paperback or hardcover version. These ebooks can be read on multiple device platforms, and can even be shared with friends for a two-week period on Amazon, much like a library system…. read more

Best Eco-Living Books

Eco-friendly books

Finding advice on just about any topic imaginable really isn’t all that hard through the power of Google. However, discovering well-thought and intelligently written information is kind of hard these days. The following is a list of helpful and constructive books on living “off the grid” and creating a utopia of eco-conservation. From growing your own food, to living in the big city, these guidebooks are for everyone. Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways To Save The Earth And Get Rich Trying – This instructive novel by authors David Bach and Hillary Rosner delivers on its promise to educate… read more