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How to Benefit from Botany


Botany, which can be defined as the study of plants, is one of the main disciplines of biology. For hundreds of years, the observation of plant life has helped scientists unearth the nature of historical development. Botany has provided insight into the diets of early human settlers, and the hunter-gatherers that came before them. It has also enabled the study and use of plant properties for medicinal purposes. But botany isn’t limited to work in laboratories, nor is the practice exclusive to professional scientists. Plant life can be, with a little practice and curiosity, accessible to the observation of ordinary… read more

A New Kind of Economy


The essence of a Green economy – genuine well-being – subscribes to dimensions in Adam Smith’s An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776 that reach beyond the rampaging misuse of his economic treatise through modern industrialisation. You see, Adam Smith was a keen observer of human nature. In 1759, while Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, Smith published The Theory of Moral Sentiments. In this work, he identified the individual conscience and “fellow feeling” (ie. sympathy with others) as the requisite balance to self-love. He believed that in the pursuit of… read more

Hundertwasser’s Inspiring Architecture

Hundertwasser’s Inspiring Architecture

Artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser is often referred to as the father of green roof designs. Born in 1928, his given name was Friedrich Stowasser, which he later changed. His architecture is widely celebrated for its unexpected appearance and original designs. He was drawn to the sea and nature, and this is reflected in his paintings and buildings. The unusual use of lines in his architectural works does not conform to rigid styles or rules. Taking notes from the perfect irregularities found in natural landscapes, he created visually marvelous spaces that are full of color and character. This snippet from… read more

Harsh Reality, Not Theory

Harsh Reality Not Theory

It is no longer excusable for anyone to believe climate change isn’t happening, nor is it excusable to think human activity is not causing it—or at the very least exacerbating natural climate change. For the purposes of this writing, regardless if one denies the existence of climate change or if one denies human activity is responsible for making it worse, they will be coupled together and regarded as a “skeptic.” It was allowable for skeptics to spew their scientifically unfounded opinions on climate change when the effects were just theoretical—no one knew better; it was a theory. However, it is… read more

Driving Options For All

The Wheel Chair Accessible Car

For most wheelchair users a modified vehicle costing up to $80,000 is their only option. Such financial challenges have barred many wheelchair users from driving a car at all, and eco-friendly transport was surely out of the question. Then along came the Kenguru, the first low-speed electric vehicle designed specifically for wheelchair users. The Kenguru (pronounced “kangaroo”) can accommodate one passenger seated in his or her wheelchair for a range of up to 60 miles. The Kenguru has only a single door to the rear of the vehicle for direct wheelchair access. It’s opened by remote control. Inside the driver… read more

Window Farming

Window farms

Window farming is a new movement among urbanites who want to grow their own food but lack outdoor space. Many people living in city centers would love to grow fresh produce but don’t have access to a garden or even a paved outside space where they could place containers. Window farms, which are space-efficient indoor hydroponic growing systems, enable city dwellers to turn their sunny windows into productive food gardens. Window farm plants grow in vertical columns of containers that hang from a pole at the top of a window. There are stylish window farm kits available for sale, though… read more

How We Need Our World


Conservation psychology is the study of the connection between human beings and the environment. Possibly a lesser known discipline than other areas in the psychological realm, there is an intense focus on ecosystems, renewable resources and conservancy in this particular field. Influenced by, but not to be confused with environmental psychology, it looks at how the natural world affects our mental and physical health. This branch of psychology is not afraid to address that human actions are to be attributed to many environmental issues. It further states that current behaviors need to be modified according to the natural balance intended… read more

How Many People Can Live On Earth?


The educational Youtube channel Vsauce asked this very question a few months ago. Via a Google Plus Hangout, Micheal Stevens (the host of Vsauce) gave a live Q & A session to shed scientific light on the subject. You can watch the hangout below. Open your notebook, because this one’s chalk full of exciting facts. What did you think? Did his commentary more or less mirror your own thoughts on the discussion? Let us know in the comments below!

Religion vs Environment

Religion V Environment

The right to religious freedom, thought and belief is a fundamental right recognised by the United Nations through Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Nations also recognises the need for humans to preserve our natural environment, and refrain from activity that unnecessarily depletes natural resources. It becomes problematic when the two compete for precedence. In Swaziland we have many Christian denominations which hold just as many different beliefs. There are denominations that hold the belief that a valid baptism is one performed in a natural river, as opposed to water in a pool. There are… read more

Green Jobs in Red States

Green Jobs in Red States

Despite the ongoing debates on Capitol Hill, green job initiatives appear to be less controversial outside of Washington D.C. In recent years, green sector jobs, with an emphasis on clean tech jobs, have been praised by all parties as a solution to generating sustainable energy, as well as the source of jobs that provide living-wages for employees and their families. But ultimately, green sector growth contributes to a stronger economy. However, one must turn to the states, not the capitol, if they wish to obtain an authentic representation of the progress being made. Republican governors and mayors, especially, are more… read more