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Scent Vision: Providing Smelly Entertainment

Scent Vision: Providing Smelly Entertainment

Looking at ways to incorporate the sense of smell into entertainment systems is on the drafting table. How to enhance your TV viewing time with a pilot olfactory display system is being developed by researchers in Tokyo, Japan. Called the smelling screen, it has fans on each corner of the display. Odor vapors in a pellet form can be placed into the mix and dispersed through the airflow created by the fans. The scent produced is projected and can be recognized by onlookers. Moreover, the focal area of the smell can be moved around various areas of the screen, making… read more

Is The Green Drinks Movement At Your Local?

Green Drinks International

Green Drinks International is a not for profit organisation which attracts like minded people to meet once a month and share their views about environmental issues over a couple of drinks. The brainchild behind the concept is Edwin Datschefski. In 1989 he was at a pub in North London with his green design colleagues Yorick Benjamin and Paul Scott. At the table next to him was another eco-conscious friend so they joined the tables together and the Green Drinks movement was born. It is now a global phenomenon in┬ámore than 700 cities around the world. Here’s how it works. Each… read more